January 28, 2013

Numark Orbit DJ Controller Video Talkthrough

The ability to use your MIDI controller to wireless trigger a function within your DVS has been discussed and attempted before.  In theory it sounds like a great idea.  You rid yourself of extra wires floating around your setup, and you are also able to place the unit wherever you like, in the booth.  The only practical problem with this idea (which still exists), is latency.  Even with wires, some will complain that there is just too much latency between the touch of a button and the action on the screen.  Once you add a few milliseconds into the situation, you may have missed your phrase completely.  Not everybody uses auto quantize features in their DVS.

The Numark Orbit is a fun looking device which looks to fill this incessant need for a wifi MIDI controller.  The most striking feature of the unit is its layout, which was obviously meant …