November 28, 2012

Jamo 360 Series Speakers Preview

We’ve seen a variety of different speaker shapes come alive in the last few years.  Speaker companies are getting more creative with their designs and are beginner to cater to the artist side of listeners’ wants and needs.  Some of these designs, however, are whimsical and really don’t really speak an ounce of professionalism – not to mention that having a cool design usually comes at a cost of performance.  For this reason, the best design out there is still the most used design; the box.  Boxes are everywhere.  We live in a box, and we drive in a box on wheels.  The square or rectangular shaped speaker is preferable and it has no problem sitting on our desks.  The Behringer C5A Vintage Studio Monitor exemplifies this design and is something we instantly recognize as a “speaker”.

This doesn’t mean that all non-boxed speakers are of poor quality.  In fact, …