May 7, 2013

Monitors vs headphones: which is best for mixing?

It funny since I was just talking about the pros cons of open ear cueing versus closes ear cueing.  It came down to a dynamic relationship between the live sound and your ability to keep your cueing levels constant during the mix.  Well, perhaps we should talk about a few more intricate aspects of cueing – and that is the type of monitors you use.  One thing we should note here is that even though most mixers will have a separate controlled output for a set of monitors, many do not feel the need to even use them at all.  There are good reasons for that and monitors really only make sense when your loudspeakers begin to make the live sound incomprehensible (or they are placed at large distances).

When you actually do begin to use monitors the first thing you need to find is a balance between them and …


March 2, 2012

Izotope Ozone 5 Advanced – Review

Izotope’s Ozone 5 Advanced is a full featured, comprehensive system for mastering productions within any RTAS/Audiosuite, VST, MAS, Audio Unit or Direct X compatible host software. Version 5 represents the culmination of a few versions worth of tweaks to a system that started out on a good foot in the first iteration. Feature enhancements and fixes are bountiful in the latest release from a company that has consistently released compelling and useful software. However, before we dive into the software itself, we should probably talk about what mastering is, exactly.

The mastering process essentially takes its name from the mediums of the past. Back when dinosaurs ruled the earth, the recordings produced for broadcast and retail had to be carted around in physical form. The final mix was bounced from whatever recording method of the day to a “master copy” that would be the basis for further duplication and archive …