June 27, 2013

OnDaSpin With DJ Knuckles

Having a webcam and the ability to stream your videos live has really made it easy for DJs to learn from other DJs.  Producing a how-to video is great in certain respects, but being able to jam with an experienced veteran live, is a much better scenario.  Often, what would normally require pausing and rewinding to learn, now only takes a couple of lines of questions.  “How did you do that?” is really all it takes.  What’s more is that streaming video doesn’t discriminate between professional and amateur, and there is no cost to ask a question.  I can’t tell you how many times an amateur wanted to ask an experienced turntablist how to do something – but were afraid to do so in front of other people since they are scared of comparing themselves to others.

A live streamed performance also works both ways.  Live viewers get to tune …