October 22, 2012

DIY Eurorack Synth Module Kit ‘The Easiest On The Market’

One characteristic that draws people to synthesizer technology is the ability to hack pieces together, and tweak things the way you like.  Traditional DJs and controllerists engage in the same type of behavior, modifying their mixers and controllers to do things they wouldn’t originally possible.  The synthesizer heads take it even further; they can completely build their own instruments from scratch – and you can’t say the same thing about a mixer.  Synth companies have taken notice to this trend, and have even begun offering build-your-own kits instead of a constructed object.  It saves money on both ends, but if gives you the chance to create something of your own.

Thonk as introduced their AT-AT-AT Triple Attenuator Eurorack kit, to create an attenuator module.  Build time is slim, and they say it will take at least 20 minutes, but less than an hour to build.  The kit even comes with …