January 12, 2013

iHome iDL100 Clock Radio

If you actually spend time producing music or recording music on your tablet device, mainly the iPad, shouldn’t there be an easier way to transmit and receive audio from it?  I know this sound like I’m a lazy person, but it would be nice to hear the audio (and decent audio at that) directly from the iPad without having to plug wires into a headphone to RCA jack.  Wireless audio is a good remedy to this, but it comes with its own problems as well, like the iPad’s battery running out and needing to charge it simultaneously.

Radio and clock combos that also offer a charging station are nothing new for apple devices.  Ever since the first iPod was released, peripherals have been created to satisfy the demand for a docking solution.  Some of them have been poorly executed and have had problems like subpar speaker, or poor communication …