June 14, 2013

Traktor Kontrol Z1 Mixer & Audio Interface Launched

Right about now I feel sorry for the DJs who have been waiting patiently to purchase their first Traktor Z2 mixer.  They probably paid around seven or eight hundred dollars for one, and then a week later the price drops down a few hundred dollars.  I’m sure they’re still happy with their product, but the timing of the price drop couldn’t be worse.  Those who are in the “know” understood this gesture as a business move – they were trying to clear house for a new product, but they could not guess what it was.

Well, now it’s here and it seems like the natural direction for Native Instruments to head towards.  Instead of going big into the hardware heavy side of things, they slimmed down their prospect into something more modern.  They basically removed the edges of the z2 mixer and created a portable mixer for the Traktor DJ …