May 17, 2013

Space Oddity, Made in Space, is Kind of Ridiculously Awesome

I believe that creativity and intelligence are one in the same.  Since knowledge is only learned and not innate, one can’t really say that someone who has learned a lot of information is necessarily more useful than the guy next to them.  On the other hand, I feel that while creativity can be fostered, the want to be creative is something that we are born with.  I don’t believe that there are book smarts and street smarts, but rather the want to explore each side is inborn in all of us.  There are many athletic individuals who are also technically able, and there are those in technical professions who are also very creative.

A programmer has to know a programming language, but they also need to understand how it be used creatively, like words in a paragraph building imagery inside of the reader’s head.  This short video clip of …