December 5, 2012

In the Studio with Miles Walker: Advice for Producers

In the third and final installment of our interview with Miles Walker, we wanted Miles to give us his perspective and potential advice for the budding producer or mix engineer. There are certain pitfalls that a producer can fall into when making a track and often times the help of a mix engineer, or someone working outside of the inception to almost complete process, is advantageous. We similarly asked Le Castle Vania about what advice he would give to artists and producers who are trying to make a career out of making music. Check out both blogs and videos to get an idea of the similarities and differences of advice coming from a producer who does a lot of performing, and a producer who works predominately in the studio.

Miles also talks about the Presonus FaderPort and how useful it can be when working in the studio. The Presonus FaderPort is a a transport controller with …