September 13, 2012

The Roots to Get Their Own Mural in Philadelphia

The Roots have been known for their rap lyrics laces with rock appeal, mixed with an organic sound that could only be produced by live instruments.  Single members of the band like Questlove have also branched out and contributed to other artists’ music as well.  The band’s hard work has not gone unnoticed in their hometown of Philadelphia.

As part of the city’s Mural Arts Program, the Roots will have a mural of themselves painted by a group of select artists.  By November, the World Communications Charter School should have an artistic mural to help ease the sore eyes of people passing by.…


February 8, 2011

My Brother’s Keeper – Atlanta’s Most Influential 2010 PT.2

Peace, “Party People”!!! Right back at you like we never left. Previously on part 1 to this entry, “Atlanta’s Most Influential” we discussed our favorites for the following categories: Graffiti/Graphic Artist, B-Boy/B-Girl, Dj, Male Emcee,  & Hip-Hop promoter. In this second half, we’ll cover our favorite’s in these following categories : Female Emcee, Producer, Hip-Hop Group, Host, and “Gone but not Forgotten”. In comparison, the people named in this article alongside part 1 are truly the next in line to be mentioned with the likes of moguls such as: Lauren Hill, Queen Latifah, Nas, Outkast, EPMD, Frosty Freeze, Crazy Legs, Grand Wizard Theodore, Dj Scratch, Rakim, Zephyr, Revolt, Lady Pink, DONDI, Fab Five Freddy, Arthur Armstrong, Ray Chandler, The Cassanova’s , Marley Marl, Dj Premier and so on… Let’s get into the winners!


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