DJ Scott Mad Flip

DJ Scott Mad Flip
September 20, 2011

Torq 2.0 Review

Avid has long been a player in the DJ software market with the introduction of the then M-Audio Torq about 7 years ago.  Torq has always been considered one of the most advanced DJ software of the major players in the market.  Torq 2.0 takes it to the next level.  Avid adds a producers approach to the new software and envisions a more creative approach to a DJ performance beyond anything we have ever used.  We gave it a spin in the studio and went deeper down the rabbit hole.

The Basics and Beyond

With Torq software, automatic beat-detection and synchronization are just the beginning. Four full-featured decks—each with EQ, level control, headphone cueing, and crossfade—give you the power to build complex mixes and experiment in brand-new ways. Use the decks to prepare tracks during your set, then drop them into the mix and create dense, layered soundscapes. Tempo Anchors …