October 3, 2012

An Introduction to Com Truise

Were you aware that Tom Cruise is Dyslexic? It’s true. Thank God for those good looks and whatever else it is people found charming about him.

1. We have Top Gun. That’s good stuff right there. Jokes about homoerotic sports carousing, cartoon hero Archer’s “Danger Zone” catch phrase, and leather bomber jacket sales in the mid 80s all owe him a thank you.

2. His whole career paved the way for the best couch hopping motion gif ever, thanks to that Oprah appearance.

3. We now have the electronic music artist working under the name Com Truise.

So who is Com Truise?

Com Truise is, in fact, a New Jersey based producer named Seth Haley. Haley calls his music style “mid-fi-synth-wave-slow-motion-funk.” Some others have called it “VHS wave.” Still others lump it in with “synth wave. I’m personally drawn to go with VHS wave, as the nostalgic 80s tones …