May 9, 2013

Divoom Bluetune-Solo Portable Bluetooth Speaker

It is odd that wireless MIDI controllers and USB decks are getting all the attention when it is Bluetooth that is doing the heavy lifting here.  Anyone who plays out or gigs out knows that their home setup is not the same as their road setup.  They would very much like it to be the same, but that is not possible.  We aren’t going to haul or desktop computer to a gig if we don’t have to, and we aren’t going to bet on the wifi signal at the club to band-aid our performances with the internet is needed in a pinch.  Touch OSC and other cool wifi innovations are great at home – but if we can’t depend on them on the road, what are we left with?

Bluetooth is great, not because it allows two devices to connect without a middle man, it is great because it is …