DJ Scott Mad Flip

DJ Scott Mad Flip
March 23, 2011

Korg Kaoss Pad Quad. Yes, Please!

I love dance music. I am just as much a fan of watching it performed live as I am doing it myself. If you have ever watched a DJ or Live PA act perform it to a huge crowd, you know that every breakdown, build and beat drop invokes mass hysteria, hands in the air, bodies moving, etc. You all know what I mean. We had the opportunity to create these amazing effects using the Korg Kaoss Pad Quad.

Korg introduced the first Kaoss Pad in 1999 and has since put out the KP2, KPE1 Entrancer, KP3, Kaossilator, mini-KP, and now the KP Quad. Like it’s predecessors it utilizes an X/Y axis on a touch-pad to modulate the selected effect. The Quad uses 20 modern effects between laid out quite nicely between 4 banks, giving you the ability to use 4 at once. The buttons responded well and the 2 …