December 3, 2012

Drumcell Interview: Thoughts on Traktor

With the release of Traktor Pro 2.6 earlier this year, many DJ’s are beginning to take advantage of the new remix deck functionality, better BPM detection, and the new flux mode and macro FX selections. In addition the new hardware  from Native Instruments like the Traktor Kontrol F1 and their first forray into mixers with the Traktor Kontrol Z2, help to make these new features in the Traktor update even more useful. The techno DJ and Traktor specialist Drumcell is not just a former spokesman for the DJ software, but he is an active user of the software and uses it at every gig.

When we interviewed Drumcell he was performing with two laptops: one to use with Traktor and utilizing 4 decks, and the other with Ableton where he was launching clips with Native Instruments Maschine. He noted that in the very near future he will be integrating …


September 25, 2012

DJ Craze outs the Traktor Kontrol Z2

DJ equipment companies have been doing a great job of putting out teasers in order to create publicity for an upcoming product.  Pioneer did a decent job of showing just enough of their “Evolution” to keep interested, but not enough to give it completely away.  You see, vagueness is intriguing – and there is nothing more fun than placing bets on what’s going to happen next.

Native Instruments decided to leave a sample their new Kontrol Z2 mixer on the doorstep of the legendary DJ Craze, and Craze did what was unexpected (or expected) – show it off to the world.  We can’t tell if this was a planned stunt or if Craze just spilled the beans on a hot item.  Either way, the mixer looks promising and is a welcomed change from traditional NI style.…