May 29, 2013

Moving Tracks in Traktor Playlists

Have you ever gone through an old folder of mp3s, only to find that they each have a set of problems that cannot be fixed?  It isn’t as common today, as there seems to be a want for quality mp3s and uniformity within naming and tagging music – but years ago mp3s were created in the wild new frontier of digital music.  You’ve heard it all.  There are the crappy radio edits that somehow got recorded digitally, and then there are the songs that were read-only that could never be tagged or renamed.  It’s enough to make you want to delete your entire folder of old music.

Nowhere does this become more apparent then when you try to edit songs in your favorite DVS.  Both Traktor and Serato and some pretty good ways of indentifying problems with a song; they could be corrupted, or in some strange format.  They …