DJ Scott Mad Flip

DJ Scott Mad Flip
July 29, 2011

Vestax PAD-One In Action



We first saw the Vestax PAD-One at the Winter NAMM show in Anaheim earlier this year.  We marveled at it’s sturdy construction, compact size, x-y touch pad, and most of all it’s 12 dual led lit highly responsive drum pads.  We couldn’t wait to try it out ourselves here in our studio.  It finally arrived and we were eager to get our drum-on, but what are we going to use it with?  The obvious was with any drum software, but that was too easy.  We wanted to use it with DJ software.  Luckily our resident marketing manager, Ariff Glick, was up to the task yet again of mapping a cool .tsi file for us to use the PAD-One with Traktor Pro 2.  The results were magnificent.

The Goods

The first thing you notice about the PAD-One is the size and construction.  It has a die-cast aluminum body which …