November 11, 2012

The BPM Show comes round quicker in 2013

There is much more than just research and development that goes into the production of all the new toys we obsess over, on the internet. One could create the best MIDI control since sliced bread – or even reinvent the turntable altogether, but this still wouldn’t be enough to get it going in the production factories. It comes down to trade shows; where manufacturers, retailers, vendors, and creators all gather together and perform the Macarena in unison. Well, maybe they don’t dance – but they’re all involved in carefully woven spider web of products and interests that dictate what will and what won’t be the next big thing on the shelves.

For those living in the USA, NAMM is where it’s at. NAMM, like other trade shows, is restricted to only manufacturers, retail companies, and selected talent – the doors are not open to the public. Companies get the chance …