January 17, 2013

How Can An 18 Year Old Get A Club Booking?

When parents have children, they want to see them succeed in whatever it is they like to do.  It could be music, it could be sports, and it could even be math.  And once they realize that their child might be gifted in a certain arena, they do what they can to help them get ahead of the pack.  We’ve all seen them; the kid in you college class who isn’t even sixteen, yet they outperform you in the field of academia.  With talented musicians there is no exception.  There are some young DJs out there who can’t multiply numbers but they know how to mix two songs together.  You’d think that they would be unstoppable but unfortunately for them, they have some obstacles to overcome.

Age doesn’t make you a better DJ, but it can restrict you from performing at certain events.  It’s kind of like the waiter at …