January 19, 2012

Universal Audio Apollo – First Look at NAMM

Not content with their position as the most likely to get name dropped in the world of DSP plugins, Universal Audio have brought their expertise to the the realm of high end audio interfaces. Meet Apollo, an 18 x 24 Firewire/Thunderbolt-ready audio interface. All the specs are there- 24 bit/ 192 kHz sound, great preamps and great converters. One might be forgiven for thinking UA were gunning for Apogee with this one. Well, at least before they look under the hood and see what else is going on.

You guessed it, UA’s DSP plugin system is under the hood! “That’s pretty cool,” you say, “but how is that different from all the other systems that offer DSP in an interface?” Well, the more obvious upshot here is that all that real-time processing means latency free recording, even when using UA’s well loved plugin series. The less obvious (and very cool) …