July 7, 2014

One DJ, Vestax VCI-400 and DJ Rasp

The magic of watching a DJ perform on a device is no different from any other sport out there.  The rules are simple, and some of them are fixed (like gravity).  Still, athletes are able to push the boundaries of their sport and achieve what is basically seen as impossible or hard to do.  With physical sports you can actually see the event happening, although it might be harder to understand the thinking strategy of the athlete.  With DJs it is similar.  You know what they are doing (even though you might not be capable of doing the same thing).  What is even nicer is that you get to understand the thought process of the DJ, which is far more valuable than trainspotting a technique here or there.

Gear companies rely on professionals like this when they want to sell or move a product.  The thing is, these are professionals …