May 15, 2013

Mr Ties: Listen Without Prejudice

True crate diggers are hard to find these days, they are a rare breed of people.  They have become so accustomed to buying new and used records that they don’t know anything else than that.  You can try to talk them into the benefits of going digital or transforming their analog collection to a modest modern format, but they won’t have any of that.  They love their vinyl.  They love the experience of laying records on a dusty turntable, complete with pops and cracks.  Money is probably an object for these guys, and their turntables aren’t high class audiophile units either – they’re the type of turntables that people throw out at garage sales.

I would bet that vinyl love is probably a smarter DJ simply for the fact that they know their records physically.  It’s kind of like having a real life significant other and only dating a virtual …