June 14, 2013

New Gold Panda Full-Length

When we used to browse the aisles for CDs at the music store, do you think our decisions were swayed by the look of the album as much as the sound that it produced?  Often times, the album cover has no relationship to the type of music it produces.  You wonder why the type of art was even chosen in the first place.  Some artists go with the obvious design, some type of logo that represents the band, which is bound to be reiterated in following CDs.  Other music artists go with something less obvious and almost completely detached from the music they make.  I’m thinking of the Nirvana or Black Sabbath album covers where I would not be able to guess the type of music from the way it looks.

I think that modern artists who create music digitally are more inclined to have artwork that fits their image.  …