DJ Scott Mad Flip

DJ Scott Mad Flip
February 16, 2011

M-Audio Venom Review. WA-TA!!!

I remember my first synthesizer experience.  It was a Korg Poly-Six and it actually belonged to my older brother Michael. He would play Steel Breeze, The Tubes, and Duran Duran licks because they actually had keyboard solos in the 80′s. I never really asked questions about what he was doing when he was changing filters and oscillators. I just knew it sounded rad and I wanted to play, too. Then he did something that I will never forget. He used an arpeggio for the beginning of Hungry Like The Wolf by Duran Duran and it changed my life.  From that point forward I was hooked on analog synthesis.

There are a number of classic vintage synths that define the evolution of electronic music for sure. M-Audio sampled the best of the best, added Avid’s top notch DSP, audio effects, packaged all in a sleek, post-modern, performance inspiring 49 key contoller.…