August 19, 2013

Reloop Announces RHP-6 DJ & Lifestyle Headphones

Headphones may be designed for the professional and the working DJ, but that doesn’t mean that they are limited to only that select group of listeners.  Headphones are for everyone.  Working moms use headphones when they strut the treadmill at their local gym, and hipsters even wear headphones when they are at the club (with nothing plugged into them).  Basically, there is a market for every type of listener out there, from the cheapest group to the most discerning of them all, the hi-fi crowd.  The makers of high end headphones know that they won’t sell thousands of products at a time, but they do know that a small percentage are willing to pay a high amount in one sitting.

Reloop has headphones all over the place.  You can go from something that looks like a clone of the Sony’s – all the way up to a pair of colorful …