December 28, 2012

Electronic Music Works DX700

Producers are lucky (or unlucky) enough to live in an age where variety is abundant.  Picture the original Atari or Nintendo games that had to create diversity in their soundtracks using only the ability to create music from 8 or 6 bit monophonic sounds.  It sounds almost impossible, yet they created some original themes to games that are still remembered today.

Present day producers may wish that they were faced with this challenge.  Instead, they have the challenge of sorting through thousands of samples in their favorite software production tool; trying to find one that fits best.  Odds are they will never be able to sort through their gigantic collections to find the perfect beat, but will rest of one that is “good enough”

Those that have used older synthesizers have also worked with less; something like 32 presets max.  If you’re a hardware guy and you have this problem, …

The Unique Geek

The Unique Geek
January 10, 2012

What is NAMM and its Purpose?

January signifies the beginning of the calendar year and, for those in the Musical Instrument Industry, the time for the NAMM Show. Around this time of the month, manufacturers and retailers alike start to run specials with terms like “NAMM Show Specials” or “New at NAMM.”

Some may wonder, “what is the NAMM Show?” and might remember that it’s “a Trade-show thingy or something.” To those that asked the question, it is a “Trade-show thingy” and it is something. The NAMM Show is a big deal to retailers and music manufacturers and means little to everyone else, but what comes out of it is cool for everyone.


NAMM is old, very old and stands for the National Association of Music Merchants. It started back in 1901 as a consortium of piano dealers that wanted to share ideas on business acumen and also make sure they were keeping up with best practices from other …