November 12, 2012

In the Studio with Miles Walker: Yamaha Studio Monitors

We sat down with mix engineer Miles Walker at Parhelion Studios and we talked about everything from how he mixes tracks to the gear he uses in his studio. If you are not familiar with Miles, check out our interview with him.

In this video Miles goes over the reasons he uses the Yamaha NS10 studio monitors. For Miles, as well as most people that do studio production, its all about how well you know your monitors and how comfortable you feel when mixing. When using passive monitors like the NS10s, its often difficult to find a quality amplifier that can power passive monitors and many companies have abandoned passive studio monitor systems and replaced them with active studio monitors.  The Yamaha HS80 studio monitors are a great example of an active studio monitor that works great for production.

What studio monitors are the best for your production? Which studio …