December 19, 2012

What Are You Making? Is It “Too Future?”

DJ Shadow was kicked off the decks this past weekend at Mansion in Miami while spinning live in support of his All Bases Covered tour. By all accounts, some of those who paid thirty dollars to get in the door to see him didn’t actually care to see him. Pigeons and Planes probably put it best when theorizing that “the crowd was either not into his set or the promoters were just so amped to get their resident back on to drop more Top 40-inspired tracks that one walked right up to the decks and apparently asked Shadow to stop.” The same thing happened to Dennis Ferrer earlier in the year, as has been mentioned by almost anyone talking about this. I’ll leave it to all those other sources to elaborate on the silliness of booking these DJs if all you need is someone to throw Guetta and the party …


September 17, 2012

Live Launchpad Mashup – M4SONIC’s Weapon

The Novation Launchpad has had its share of publicity; and probably the best type of publicity as well – user-submitted, unsolicited performances.  Madeon racked up the YouTube views when he put together a memorable mashup of top40 and pop songs, using nothing else except for a Novation Launchpad, Ableton to trigger his samples.

It really sold us on the idea that a simple setup and some time behind your equipment was all you really needed to put on a good show.  M4SONIC followed suit and submitted his own Launchpad show, where he samples Skrillex clips to create his own little masterpiece. …