From garage to stage to studio, BOSS is the king of stompboxes. A division of Roland Corporation, they are best known for a legendary line of colorful guitar and bass effects pedals. Andy Summers of the Police was using their CE-1 chorus pedal back in the 70's and you can find pedals from their lineup gracing stages everywhere. However, the pedals have evolved since the 70's and BOSS has made good use of technological advances. In particular, they engineered a buffered bypass for the pedals, employing Field Effect Transistors to get rid of the pops and clicks that would otherwise color signal passed down long lengths of cable or through multiple pedals. Put simply, the FET bypass makes you sound a lot better. In addition to the esteemed stompboxes, BOSS makes fantastic multi-effects pedals, rhythm machines, personal digital studios and other easy to use tools for audio pros. The stompbox, ease-of-use mentality carries over into all of BOSS’s gear because less fiddling means you spend more time making music.


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