Crane Hardware
The story of The Crane Stand began on a bar napkin in the SoDo district of Seattle, when in March of 2007 Garett Fitzpatrick and Rob Noble were chatting over a beer about the lack of quality adjustable laptop stands on the market. Soon the napkin was filled with sketches of ideas for a foldable laptop stand that would withstand the wear and tear of the mobile and club DJ. A phone call was made to another friend and associate Morgan Featherston, a master welder and craftsman. Together the three began working on mockups of what was to become their version of the DJ laptop stand.

The very first Crane Stand was crafted of powder-coated steel with the help of aeronautical engineer and designer Brandon Wilke. The mobile laptop stand was first released at Decibel Festival (An International Electronic Music Festival) in 2008 in Seattle and received an overwhelmingly positive response from the music community. Soon thereafter, hands were shook securing a deal with a large-scale distributor, and it wasn't long until the Crane Stand was in full scale production.

After considering constructive feedback from the electronic music community of the area, The Crane Stand V.2 was released at Decibel Festival 2009. A marked improvement, the svelte, lightweight aluminum Crane DJ Laptop Stand V.2 can slide under a mixer, adjust to infinite positions and has no loose pieces to misplace. Manufactured by master craftsmen using the highest quality materials. The Crane Stand is now the most well-built and versatile portable notebook stand on the market.


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