Known for their Digital Audio Workstation DAW interfaces and microphone pre-amplifiers, Focusrite was established back in 1985 with the goal of developing highly musical products that are easy to use and utterly reliable. That goal has consistently produced class-leading and award-winning designs. Beginning with the ISA 110, an external microphone pre-amp, Focusrite oversaw a huge uptick in demand for outboard mic preamps and EQs. So in the 90's, Focusrite found itself excellently positioned to manufacture state of the art mic interfaces for Pro Tools and other DAWs. Part of their DAW development led to the Channel Strip concept which led to products like the Green Range Voicebox and influenced the designs of many products from their top of the line ISA 430 MKII Producer Pack to the Platinum Twin Trak Pro. Despite their digital innovations, Focusrite still makes fantastic, familiar and utterly reliable analog and vintage-type components. For rock solid mic-pre and processing performance choose Focusrite