A good power conditioner can dramatically improve your equipment's performance. Furman's specialty is power management while guarding your recording gear against surges and spikes. Furman's power conditioners also smooth out your AC feed in order to provide stable clean power for every session. It will also increase the longevity of your connected components since contaminated AC adds wear and tear to power supplies and other internal circuits In their SMP circuits. Furman cleans up noise and spikes with their Linear Filtering Technology LiFT while their proprietary Series Multi-stage Protection SMP guards against surges and spikes. Furman also uses high-current metal oxide varistor MOV circuitry in conjunction with Thermo-Fuse Varistors. TFVs to provide worry and maintenance-free performance. More the varistors and other essential components of the power conditioners are themselves protected against overvoltage by an Extreme Voltage Shutdown EVS circuit. Bottom line your gear is safer and more functional with Furman.


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