UniqueSquared: A website that helps the environment

By purchasing a years worth of clean renewable energy we will see CO2 emissions go down by over 4500 pounds, or 2 metric tons. That is the same as planting 19 fully mature trees or shaving 5707 miles worth of driving off a standard car's odometer (3 million feet!). Just imagine what these numbers would look like if everyone were doing this.

We're not quite ready to stop showering or flushing the toilet but UniqueSquared.com has launched a new green energy initiative in an effort to mitigate our company's environmental impact. Specifically, we now offset 100% of our energy usage with credits earned from purchasing clean renewable wind energy.

Why Wind Energy?

Our customers care about sustainability and the environment, and as a company we're committed to leaving as small of a carbon footprint as possible. Did you know that achieving a 20% wind contribution to the U.S. electricity supply by 2030 would reduce CO2 emissions by 25%? It's true. Google it. By Purchasing wind power, we can help expand the renewable energy market, diversify our nation's energy supply and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. In other words, we're saving the world. No big deal. :)

How Does It Work?

Wind farms and other renewable power generators earn one REC (Renewable Energy Certificate or "Greentag") for every 1000 MWh of energy they produce. Individuals or companies, like UniqueSquared.com, can then purchase these certificates as a claim of that energy. While the energy from renewable generators is fed into "the grid" along with power from standard utlity providers, and thus can't be routed to any specific location, the revenue from selling RECs helps offset the premium cost of running a wind farm. In return, we get the satisfaction of contributing to a worthy cause; not to mention the sweet wind turbine logo on our home page.

What Else Is UniqueSquared.com Doing?

So glad you asked! We're always looking for ways to "green up" the office, whether it's recycling over 90% of the waste generated at our headquarters, installing new and more energy efficient power supplies, or making use of existing dark fibers so we don't have to dig up the Earth. Have an idea for how we can become even greener? We'd love to hear from you. Just shoot us an email at gogreen@uniquesquared.com