Since 1902, JBL has been a forward-thinking player in the audio business and they are now one of the best recognized audio equipment manufacturers in the world. With significant experience and investment in the entertainment and automotive industries, as well as a strong focus on individual consumers, JBL maintains a sterling portfolio of exceptional products. Whether at Eric Clapton’s rock concerts, Conan O’Brien’s Tonight Show, Australia’s Darling Harbour, the 2008 Olympics, the 2009 presidential inauguration or in living rooms all around the world, people have enjoyed awesome audio courtesy of JBL. JBL maintains a strong focus on research and development in order to deliver top of the line problem-solving products. As a company. JBL thinks big while always minding the details. The company’s professional division develops and builds the speakers and other sound components for venues that grab the whole world’s attention. But thinking big also means paying attention to ways new technologies and innovations can benefit individual customers. The consumer division of JBL uses the same technology materials and workmanship to create desktop speakers outdoor speakers home-theater systems headphones iPod and iPhone docks and more. For musicians who need superior live sound support for gigs JBLs EON loudspeakers offer fantastic sound in a small package. In the studio JBL’s LSR6300 and LSR4300 monitors do a bit of monitoring themselves in order to reproduce tracks as accurately as possible. Using JBLs Room Mode Correction technology the monitors tune themselves to the listening spaces unique acoustic profile. Now you can have pristine sound even if your monitoring space is less than idea.l From stage to studio JBL has you covered.