Released in 1995, the Nord Lead synthesizer was Clavias first synthesizer and the first on the market to emulate analog synthesis. Thanks to its warm analog-like sound and straightforward user interface the Nord Lead quickly became a huge success. With the Nord Lead, Clavia introduced the term virtual analog which since then has become widely accepted and synonymous with this form of synthesis. Then in 1997 Clavia introduced the Nord Modular which was the first digital modular synthesizer. By dragging modules onto the computer screen and connecting them with virtual patch cords you can design the synthesizer of your dreams The Nord Modular is quite possibly the most flexible and innovative hardware synthesizer that has ever been produced. In 2008, Clavia celebrated its 25th anniversary with the incredibly cool looking Nord Lead Anniversary model. Nord is dedicated to continue to develop amazing instruments according to their founding principles and philosophy to serve the performing musician.


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