Rane started out with four products aimed at small bands designed to make their live performances better. At the forefront was a unique 12-input 6-output matrix mixer MM 12 used to create six different monitor mixes for driving stage monitor speakers. The idea was to help performers hear themselves better. Up to that time, either the small group had no monitors at all or they were all driven by the same mix. Rane provided new, compactly designed affordable tools to help solve the many problems of on-stage monitoring. Complementing the matrix mixer was the industry's first 6-channel power amplifier MA 6 and a companion 6-channel headphone amplifier for rehearsal, HC 6. The fourth initial product was a unique combo unit consisting of a 13-octave graphic equalizer and a simple realtime analyzer RE 27 aimed at giving the performing musician a handy easy-to-use tool for improving their sound in all venues. In doing all this, Rane established a new price-point for performance quality and reliability. Rane products were priced well below the top high-end equipment, yet outperformed and outlasted them still priced significantly above the low-end products -- thus creating a new middle ground.

A noteworthy testament to Rane’s design, significance and reliable reputation is that in their first two years of production Rane designed and shipped eight new products -- four of which are still in production today. Today, Rane Corporation is an established innovator providing professional, problem-solving audio tools affordably priced with unequaled reliability.


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