Among the world-wide suppliers of DJ equipment, Reloop takes an exceptional position in many aspects, Reloop is one of the most influential German brands on the global DJ equipment market placing them among the leading companies among European manufacturers. With its unrivalled product philosophy, Reloop is the only European brand that establishes itself among the big ones on the market which is otherwise solely dominated by the Japanese and Americans.

As opposed to most of the other suppliers that were originally active on the Hi-Fi and audio market, Reloop has always been a manufacturer for DJ technology. Reloop evolved from a German garage company founded by a group of specialized engineers who had a high affinity for DJs to a globally operating company that equips mixing musicians in more than 60 countries.

The product philosophy also distinguishes Reloop considerably from other suppliers. From the first mixer that came on the market in 1996 up to the release of the first digital vinyl system in 2008, an approach followed that can be described as grass-roots democracy.

Reloop’s intention has always been to make its innovations accessible for a wide range of DJs: beginners, advanced and professionals. Due to a close connection to the DJ base, technology trends, design currents and user requests that were exactly tailored to the big audience of urban mixing artists have been taken on time and time again. The combination of a well-balanced price-performance ratio and distinct German quality awareness is responsible for the enormous popularity that Reloop enjoys from the DJ community.


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