For more than 30 years, TASCAM has developed products for every segment of the sound and music industry. From the high-end audio professional in a major post-production studio to the novice or hobbyist at home, TASCAM is everywhere.

After virtually creating the home recording scene during the early 1970’s, TASCAM went on to achieve recognition for pioneering products in the professional recording arena. Their legacy of product development and innovation is reflected in the sheer number of industry firsts they have achieved including: the first 12-inch 4-track cassette recorder, the first 8-track reel-to-reel mixer combo, the first R-DAT recorder, the first MiniDisc digital multi-tracker and CD scratcher.

TASCAM products are in a class by themselves. Their MMR-8 digital audio dubber for the motion picture industry won an Oscar at the Scientific and Technical Academy Awards in 2001 - based largely on its contribution to the Dolby Surround EX final mix for The Lord of the Rings. TASCAM also won Emmy Awards in 1995 for Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development for the TASCAM DA-88 Digital Multi-track Recorder and 2000 for Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development for the MMR-8 and MMP-16.

Some of the most highly acclaimed TASCAM products include the DP-02CF Portastudio, DR-1 Portable Digital Recorder, 24-track digital workstations such as the 2488mkII MIDI and USB audio interfaces like the TASCAM US-1641. They also have products for individual consumers like the MP-GT1 Portable MP3 Guitar Trainer and digital recording equipment like the FW-1082 10-Channel FireWire MIDI audio interface.


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