Yamaha opened its doors over one hundred years ago when a young entrepreneur named Torakusu Yamaha set out to craft a high-quality reed organ. Before long, the company he founded had not only gone on to manufacture Japan’s first piano, it also gained recognition abroad with a Yamaha piano and organ being awarded an Honorary Grand Prize at the 1904 St Louis World’s Fair.

From these auspicious beginnings, Yamaha has grown to become one of the best-loved manufacturers of musical instruments in the world. And as it has grown, the company has capitalized on its unique heritage of artisanship and technological know-how to diversify into an astoundingly wide range of products and services.

Yamaha offers outstanding electronic drum lines like the DTX series and from beginners to pros, Yamaha digital pianos, professional synthesizers, workstations and portable keyboards offer the latest advances in technology and ease of use. Keyboard favorites include the Motif YPG, YDP and PSR series. And for MIDI controllers, the KX series offers superb performers. Whatever your musical needs --- DAW recorders, digital drums, samplers, speakers, pianos, power amps, hardware, interfaces or headphones - Yamaha offers superior quality and performance.


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