Aviom AN-16/i - 16-Channel Input Module

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The Aviom AN-16/i is a single space rackmount module serving as the A/D input stage of that company's personal monitoring audio network. The unit converts the 16 line level audio channels into compression-free, full bandwidth 24-bit digital data, for transmission conforming to Aviom's proprietary A-Net protocol, sent through a standard Category-5 computer network cable, virtually latency-free, at lengths of up to 500 ft, using the RJ45 A-Net Out and Expansion jacks located on the panel.

The AN-16/i features 16 1/4" rear panel TRS inputs, each with a separate front panel Stereo Link switch, 4-position Gain switch, Signal Present LED, and Clip LED indicators. There is an additional rear panel row of 16 1/4" TRS Thru jacks , which provided exact copies if the input channels, for insertion into an existing audio signal path. The 1/4" connectors accept unbalanced signals as well.

Up to 4 AN-16/i modules may be used, in support of the maximum 64 channels of audio, sending data to any combination of AN-series monitoring components, over a single Category-5 cable.

The AN-16/i, and the entire A-Net series, represents a genuinely innovative development in wired personal monitoring technology, for the benefit of live music performance and studio recording, commercial and institutional installations, theater installations, and houses of worship, at a breakthrough price point.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Manufacturer Aviom
UPC 410000151044
Package Contents
  • (1) Aviom AN-16/i
  • (1) External Power Supply
  • [90-240 Volt]
  • (1) Manual
Aviom at the Alliance Theatre- PRESS PLAY

Aviom Personal Monitor Mixing System Overview- PRESS PLAY

Aviom AN-16/i Features:
  • Rackmount 16-channel audio distributor Input Module with 24-bit A/D conversion and 1/4" TRS connectors for Aviom A-Net personal monitoring system
  • 16 Balanced inputs available with 1/4" or Euroblock connectors
  • 16 balanced Thru jacks on TRS version available per input, allow insertion in existing audio signal chain
  • 1/4" connectors accept balanced or unbalanced signals
  • A-Net Output and Expansion Category-5 connectors; all connectors rear mounted
  • Uncompressed, full bandwidth 48 kHz/24-bit audio sent over standard Category-5 computer network cable
  • A-Net Expansion jack combines data from multiple units into single Category-5 cable transmission
  • Imperceptible 880 microsecond latency
  • Stereo Link switching for each channel pair
  • 4-position Gain Switch with -10, 0, +4, +22 dB settings available for each channel pair
  • Dedicated Clip and Signal Present indicators available per channel
  • Front panel access for all switches and indicators
Warranty Warranty Information
Product: Period:
Aviom AN-16/i 1 Year


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