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AKG Drum Mic Set Premium


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Listen, sometimes you just want to drum and have a set of high-quality microphones to pick up every beautiful set your kit makes. Maybe you want to record your performance of that song "Wipeout," because that song is like super great. Or maybe you want to record something that isn't as super great, like something that isn't "Wipeout." Man, "Wipeout" is a really good song.
Wait, weren't we talking about drum microphones? Oh yeah. Here's some technical details about AKG Drum Mic Set. If you need me, I'll be up here thinking about how great "Wipeout" is.
The Drum Set Premium reference drum microphone set is a hand-selected collection of the highest-quality microphones for touring, live and studio applications. The rugged metal carry case houses a range of the best AKG microphones made for capturing miking drums while simultaneously ensuring safe transportation wherever you go. The Drum Set Premium is hand-selected in Vienna, Austria and contains the following 8 world-class microphones:
  • 1 x D12 VR dynamic bass drum microphone
  • 1 x C214 matched pair condenser microphones for overheads
  • 1 x C451 B condenser microphone for Hi Hat
  • 4 x D40 dynamic instrument microphones for snare and toms
Drum Set Premium Features:
  • Hand-selected Microphones made in Vienna, Austria
  • Complete reference drum microphone set
  • Heavy duty metal case
  • Complete with all microphone clamps and stand adaptors