Elektron Monomachine SFX60+ Synthesizer Module

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The Monomachine SFX-60+ MKII is the ultimate sound generator. Five different synthesis methods plus sequencing make it the mixed martial artist of synthesizers.

Each of the six Monomachine tracks is loaded with sound shaping devices. At your command is a tape style delay, a resonant multi mode filter, a sample rate reducer, a distortion effect, an arpeggiator and no less than three LFO’s – per track. The sound palette is limitless.

Despite the depth of the Monomachine it is very easy to use. Every parameter is close at hand and no confusing menus are in your way. Everything is laid out in a logical and usable manner. This is particularly useful when you perform live and don’t want to press the wrong buttons.

A special MIDI mode gives you control of six dedicated MIDI tracks. Use the versatile arpeggiators and all the other special sequencer features to take MIDI sequencing to the next level. The Monomachine is a given centre piece in any studio.

You can upload your own customized waveforms and use them in the Monomachine environment. This, plus the ability to treat sound incoming through the two external inputs using the special FX machines, makes the Monomachine a sound designer’s dream come true.

The Monomachine SFX-60+ MKII comes equipped with a +Drive by default. With a +Drive there is no risk of running out of storage space. Over 16'000 patterns, 16'000 kits and 8'000 waveforms can be internally stored. Man and machine have never been closer to each other.

The storage capabilities of the SFX-60+ MKII have been significantly increased compared to previous Monomachine models. This is thanks to the +Drive.

The Monomachine SFX-60+ MKII is divided in 128 Snapshots. Each Snapshot can contain up to 128 patterns, 128 kits, 24 songs, 8 globals and a Digibank consisting of 64 DigiPro user waveforms.

There are two ways to load Snapshot content. Either load a completely new Snapshot or a single Digibank. When loading a new Snapshot, all patterns, kits, songs, globals and DigiPro user waveforms are replaced by new content. Loading a new Digibank will just replace the DigiPro user waveforms. All other content of the current Snapshot remains unchanged. It only takes about a second to load a new Snapshot or a new Digibank.

With a +Drive you have thousands of patterns and sounds more or less instantly available. Change Snapshots during a live performance for a completely new session. Load a fresh Digibank to try out a new set of DigiPro user waveforms together with your currently active Snapshot patterns and kits. A Monomachine featuring a +Drive gives you room to experiment.

All previous Machinedrum and Monomachine models are possible to upgrade with a +Drive. When you buy a +Drive, you will receive detailed instructions how to send in the unit for the upgrade.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Manufacturer Elektron
UPC Does Not Apply
Package Contents

(1) Elektron Monomachine SFX-60+ MKII

(1) USA Power Plug

[100-240V 50/60Hz]

(1) Manual

Features Elektron Monomachine SFX-60+ MKII Features:
  • 6 Track Sequencer
  • 5 Mono Synths | 16384 Patterns
  • 3072 Songs | 16384 Kits
  • 8192 User Waveforms
  • 18 LFOs 
  • 6 Dedicated MIDI Tracks
  • 3 year Warranty
Elektron Monomachine SFX60+- PRESS PLAY
Warranty Information

Product: Period:
Elektron Monomachine SFX60+ 3 Year


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