Elektron Octatrack DPS-1 8-Track Performance Sampler

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The Octatrack is at all times ready to sample. Sample from any of the input pairs or any internal track by using the eight constantly available Track Recorders. It's quick and rewarding and it doesn't matter if the sampled source is in a different BPM than the internal sequencer of the Octatrack. All samples can be time stretched to ensure everything stays in sync. This is live sampling made easy.

The optical crossfader and the Scene functionality add a wealth of live control possibilities to the Octatrack.

Ruggedness and durability is paramount in a live setting and the smooth action 45mm crossfader meets these criteria with ease. Due to it being optical it is very resilient to both dust and humidity and with a life time rated to more than 5 million operations it is definitely going to stand the test of time.

The crossfader in conjunction with the Scene functionality makes live improvisation with the Octatrack easy and rewarding. Add sudden bursts of effects to a sound, make smooth transitions between tracks, pitch one loop up while another loop is being pitched down or completely and utterly change the sound of a whole pattern. The choice is yours.

The Octatrack step sequencer carries the legacy of the sequencers found in the Machinedrum and the Monomachine but offers substantial improvements.

Every track can be up to 64 steps of length and all the tracks of a pattern can have both unique length and time signature settings. This amount of control makes it easy to create intricate and continuously evolving poly rhythms.

The Micro Timing menu brings detailed and very precise note trig editing to the Octatrack. Every note trig can be nudged back and forth on a 1/384th step resolution note grid. Lightning fast flams through special repeat parameters, off-kilter stutters and organic grooves are all made possible by the Micro Timing feature.

The parameter lock feature allows individual parameter settings for all note trigs. Through the use of parameter locks the melodic structure of for example a vocal loop can be completely changed. If the loop is subject to timestretch the pitch can be altered without affecting the timing.

The MIDI Sequencer

Apart from the eight internal tracks the Octatrack offers eight dedicated MIDI tracks. Every MIDI track features an arpeggiator, three assignable LFOs and two pages of CC parameters. Micro Timing and individual track length and time signature settings further enhance the MIDI experience. The dedicated MIDI tracks make the Octatrack well-suited for controlling other instruments during a live performance.

The Octatrack LFOs are indispensable audio processors. The new LFO designers take things even further.

The Octatrack has plenty of LFO power under the hood. All internal tracks have three dedicated tempo-synced LFOs at their disposal, meaning 24 LFOs in total are available. The LFOs can be assigned to a wide range of parameters and are useful for adding evolving changes to samples.

The LFO designer is used to create customized LFO waveforms. A designed LFO waveform can for example be used to make rhythmic track parameter changes or, when modulating the start point of sampled drum loops, function as an instant remix tool. Each track contains an LFO designer and all designed waveforms are available for all LFOs.

The Octatrack audio editor has a few tricks up its sleeve apart from simply editing audio.

The graphical audio editor is where editing of imported or recorded samples takes place. Here trimming, loop point settings, normalization and, maybe most important of all, slice points are handled.

Slice points offer a flexible way of dividing a sample in different regions. Once the sample is sliced the sequencer can play back the different slices in any order. Keep shuffling the slices around until the perfect loop is obtained. Slice points make it easy to break down samples and restructure them from the ground up.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Manufacturer Elektron
UPC Does Not Apply
Package Contents

(1) Elektron Octatrack DPS-1

(1) USA Power Plug

[100-240V 50/60Hz]

(1) USB Cable

(1) 4GB Compact Flash Card

(1) Manual

Features Elektron Octatrack Features:
  • Instant Sampling & Remixing
  • Radical Audio Manipulation Possibilities
  • Real-time Pitch Scaling and Time Stretch
  • Next Generation Elektron Step Sequencer
  • Dual Assignable FX Per Track
  • Assignable Multi-Parameter Crossfader
Elektron Octatrack DPS-1- PRESS PLAY
Warranty Information

Product: Period:
Elektron Octatrack DPS-1 3 Year


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