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Softube Time and Tone Bundle

In addition to the Red 2 and Red 3 Plug-in Suite, this interface includes the Softube Time and Tone Pack. This is a unique plug-in bundle, comprised of Softube's world class TSAR-1R reverb, Tube Delay, and Saturation Knob.

TSAR-1R: Add space, depth and width to your sound—TSAR-1R is a reverb plug-in with world class sound and extreme ease of use. With a single slider, you can take TSAR-1R from realistic and three-dimensional rooms to dramatic and dreamlike halls.

Tube Delay: A tasty echo effect that can go from clean to rude by overdriving its three modeled tube stages. Create anything from realistic room echoes to rockabilly style slapbacks—or take it all the way into dub reggae echo madness.

Saturation Knob: Add grit and warmth to any sound source with this modeled output distortion unit. Use it to fatten up bass lines, add some harmonics and shimmer to vocals, or simply destroy your drum loop. Simply turn up the knob to add saturation, and use the three-position switch to alter the distortion character.

Get it right from the start – with Scarlett Studio

Whether you’re just starting out on your musical career or you’re a seasoned professional, Scarlett Studio gives you everything you need to start recording studio-quality music right away – right down to the microphone cable. Just add your computer.

Now you can record guitar, vocals, bass or other instruments directly into your computer, complete your recordings with studio effects and create a master mix.

Focusrite has been making high-end recording systems, used in the world's top studios, for over 25 years. That same precision engineering is now available in a compact, high-quality system for you to connect to your computer and start recording now – and it’s all inside this box.

The Scarlett Studio audio interface

The audio interface is the key to making professional recording. At the heart of Scarlett Studio is the Scarlett 2i2. This interface connects to your Mac or PC via the USB port and provides 2-inputs and 2-outputs to your music software. Scarlett 2i2 delivers the superb quality and legendary Focusrite sound that audio industry professionals have relied on for decades. Plug your instrument – bass, guitar, keyboard, synth, you name it – and the included studio microphone straight into the front panel and 2i2 brings them into your computer at the highest possible quality. You can record, edit and mix until you have just the sound you want, with the best possible playback quality so you can hear exactly what you’re doing.

Studio-quality microphone and headphones

Scarlett Studio really does give you everything you need to start recording. There’s a studio condenser microphone, the CM25, that’s specially designed to catch the life and soul of your vocals and acoustic instruments. Clean, smooth and sensitive, it captures every nuance. If you can hear it, you can record it. There’s even a high-quality, low-noise microphone cable included, to connect the CM25 to the Scarlett 2i2.

The included HP60 studio monitor headphones tell it like it is. Accuracy is number one when it comes to monitoring. Unlike many headphones that flatter the sound, making it sound better than it really is, the HP60s give you a clear and accurate impression of exactly how your music sounds, so you can get it just the way you want it. And when you play it back elsewhere, it’ll sound great.

Professional recording software

Scarlett Studio includes all the software you need to get you going straight away. Cubase LE 6 is powerful music production software for recording and mixing. Focusrite Scarlett plug-ins are a set of essential tools for polishing your mix, like compression to tighten up that bass or keep your vocals smooth and even; equalisers to bring out the character in your sound, gating to help remove noises, and reverb to give your music the space it needs. The Novation Bass Station is a software synthesizer that you can use to add additional bass or melody sounds to your music. Because it is a synth you can create totally new sounds that no one has ever heard before, or recreate classic sounds. There is also a sample pack from Loopmasters to add drum loops or sound effects to your track.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Manufacturer Focusrite
UPC 815301008224
Package Contents

(1) Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

(1) USB Cable

(1) Scarlett Studio Microphone

(1) Scarlett Studio Headhpones

(1) 3m XLR Cable

(1) Microphone Clip

(1) Software Download Card

(1) Cubase LE6 Installation Disc

(1) Manual

Focusrite Scarlett Studio Overview & Demo | PRESS PLAY

Focusrite - Scarlett Studio Features:
  • Contains everything you need to make professional recordings with your laptop or desktop computer
  • The Scarlett 2i2 audio interface is at the heart of the Scarlett Studio Bundle, employing two of Focusrite’s award winning microphone pre-amps to record at the best quality in its class
  • High-quality condenser microphone and referencing headphones are included to ensure you have all the necessary tools to record and playback studio-grade sound
  • Includes Cubase LE 6 for recording and mixing, the Focusrite Scarlett plug-ins to add extra effects and processing, Bass Station soft-synth and Loopmasters samples
  • Totally portable: if you are using a laptop you can transport your studio in a backpack to your rehearsal space or venue with no need to plug into the mains
  • Focusrite sound quality is second to none. In technical terms Scarlett 2i2 offers 24-bit performance at up to 96kHz sampling, with better than 105dB dynamic range on record; better than 102dB on playback. That’s true studio quality
  • Know instantly whether you’re recording at the right level. LED “halos” around the input knobs show green when the level’s right and red if it’s too loud

Focusrite - Scarlett Studio- PRESS PLAY

Focusrite // Installing Cubase LE 6 on PC- PRESS PLAY

Focusrite // Installing Cubase LE 6 on Mac- PRESS PLAY
System Requirements
Focusrite - Scarlett Studio System Requirements:
Mac OS X 10.7 Lion or OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion
Windows 7 (all versions) Windows 8 (excluding Windows RT)
Warranty Information

Product: Period:
Focusrite - Scarlett Studio 1 Year


Customer Reviews (1)

This package has everything you need to get you started if you starting your own home production or recording studio.Review by Gavin
If you're starting your own production or recording studio then this bundle has everything you need to get started. The focusrite scarlett 2 in 2 out audio interface has some the best mic pre amps I've ever used. (Which is great for audio recording quality.) I'm also impressed with the audio quality that the focusrite scarlett 2i2 audio interface produced.You also get a pair of studio monitoring headphones which plugs write into the audio interface, pc or laptop (This was a big bonus for me since I don't have studio monitors.) The light up rings around the knobs make it very easy to monitor your audio to make sure it is not clipping while recording live. If you're on a budget (trust me) I would really recommend getting this bundle before getting anything else if you're starting your own home production or recording studio.
(Posted on 1/29/2016)

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