The QSC K Series loudspeakers create a new standard in the lightweight, powered speaker market. Engineered under the direction of Pat Quilter, QSC have created unparalleled Class D power modules for the K Series speakers. Each speaker in the series (K8, K10, K12) is equipped with 1000 watts of power and the identical 1.75" high-frequency device to produce impeccable quality, regardless of the speaker size. Extensive digital signal processing is employed throughout, providing levels of sonic clarity and total output that defy the system's size and weight. If you need pure power and quality from your speakers, QSC K Series will help you accomplish just that. The light-weight design makes these speakers truly portable for any application and the three speaker sizes offer great options for all performers. 
K8 This loudspeaker might look small, but it sounds huge. Perfect for the traveling performer, this 8" 1000 watt speaker makes it easy to transport and delivers the sound and quality you expect from QSC.
K12 Containing a 12" speaker, the K12 is the biggest in the K Series and produces the most bass response in comparison to it's smaller siblings. It's size makes it a perfect speaker to install in small to medium sized venues. Not to say you couldn't travel with these speakers as well. Weighing only 41lbs, these speakers are great for those bands on the run and would greatly compliment your setup without taking up too much space.
K10 Weighing in at only 32lbs, the K10 puts you right in the middle of the K Series lineup. The 10" speaker packs a punch and provides excellent sound clarity. Containing a little more bass response than the K8, traveling DJ's could really benefit from the K10 speaker.
K-Sub Dual 12" subwoofer drivers, maximum SPL 130 dB peak and highly portable make the K-Sub a great companion to your loudspeakers so you can get that low-end you have always wanted. The K-Sub also comes equipped with casters to make transporting them that much easier.