It’s Summer, which means it is hot just about everywhere. You seek relief from the heat in your local pool (don’t do that. Kids pee in there, and weird people swim in the local pool with their shoes on), or maybe you bust out the ol’ slip and slide (a surefire way to get third-degree rub burns and wind up with a mouthful of grass). Sure, constantly feeling like you are personally being harassed by the sun definitely sucks; thankfully, UniqueSquared and Lewitt have teamed up to bring you a different way to beat the heat: a super rad give away!

Yes, why venture outdoors to feel like you are slowly being strangled by the sun when you can stay indoors and rip on the drums? U2 and Lewitt are giving you an opportunity to do just that by giving away the truly killer Lewitt Beat Kit Pro 7. With seven amazing drum microphones in one handy dandy package, the Lewitt Beat Kit Pro 7 has everything you need to capture the best sound from your thundering solos, your crisp hi-hats, and your molar-rattling kick drum.
That’s right: you can’t feel like a walking pile of melting ice cream if you never venture outside! So sign up between June 20th and July 20th to be entered for an opportunity to win the best drum mic set around, the Lewitt Beat Kit Pro 7, from your friends at UniqueSquared and Lewitt!

Winner will be announced July 25th!


Austrian Microphone Excellence

The Vienna-based microphone company LEWITT stands for high-performance tools designed to deliver unaltered, authentic sound for memorable vocal and instrument recordings.

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