PreSonus FireStudio Project with Faderport

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The FireStudio Project a complete 24-bit/96K professional recording system combining eight Class A XMAX microphone preamplifiers, 24-bit/96k sample rate conversion, zero-latency matrix router mixer, and the PreSonus ProPak Software Suite featuring Steinberg's Cubase LE 4 48-track recording and production software, over 25 real-time plug-in effects (EQ’s, compressors, reverbs), and more than 2 GB of drum loops and samples.

Great for professional studio recording, live sound recording, performance, podcasting and more, the FireStudio Project is designed for flexibility and ultra-high sonic performance. Whether you need to record a live drum set, mic a guitar amp, or a complete band, the FireStudio Project is ready and more than able. With the new FireControl Mixer/Router you can send up to five individual mixes to different musicians during recording so that every band member can have a custom headphone mix.

XMAX Class A Preamplifiers

The FireStudio Project starts with eight custom-designed high-voltage, discrete, XMAX Class A microphone preamplifiers.

Many other companies offering recording interfaces add the cheapest possible microphone preamplifier as an afterthought to the interface.

PreSonus knows that the preamplifier is a key component in the sonic quality of a recording. The job of a microphone preamplifier is to boost microphone level signals to line level so that the signal can be converted from analog to digital. This mic to line boost is generally a preamplification of over 400 times the voltage of the original mic level signal. This preamplification stage is one of the most important stages that the signal will go through before converted to digital, and is why a high performance preamplifier is important to achieving great results. A cheap "off the shelf op-amp" type mic preamp that is found in most interfaces translates into thin, noisy and harsh results.

New Advanced Platform Technology - DICE II and JetPLL

The FireStudio Project is loaded with the new ultra powerful DICE II FireWire chipset delivering 10 channels of simultaneous inputs and outputs at professional-quality 24-bit. The strength of the DICE II chip lies with its ability to easilly handle high channel count at high bit-rate while minimizing latency and load on your computer. The synchronization of the FireStudio Project is handled by patented JetPLL jitter reduction technology. JetPLL incorporates noise shaping to virtually remove all audio band jitter. JetPLL ensures the highest converter performance possible, resulting in better stereo separation and clearer more transparent audio. JetPLL delivers ultra-fast locking to any digital format, through a wide range of frequencies and is extremely robust, and tolerant of wide variations in clock frequencies. JetPLL ensures near perfect clock performance when networking audio devices thus creating the most stable and robust synchronization to the computer and all devices synchronization with the FireStudio Project.

FireControl - Zero Latency DSP Mixing/Routing

The FireStudio Project also includes the FireControl mixer/router a 18x10 DSP mixer/router for flexible mixing and direct routing any input to any output including the headphone output, with zero latency. The FireControl software application lives between your FireStudio Project interface and your DAW software enabling the mixing and routing of input streams coming into your FireStudio Studio Project interface and playback stream coming from your DAW software. The FireControl is capable of creating up to five stereo mixes and then routing to the outputs of your FireStudio Project for headphone mixes and various aux sends. This way everyone in the band and the recording engineer can have a custom mix. Also, the FireStudio Project is loaded with internal flash memory so that all FireControl settings are saved and recalled in the FireStudio Project during power off/on. This allows you to configure your FireStudio as a stand-alone device, without being connected to a computer for uses such as a submixer, A/D and D/A-converter, headphone mixer, format converter, instrument or microphone pre-amplifier!

ProPak Software Suite (v3)

The FireStudio Project also comes with the new ProPak Software Suite (v3), which includes more than 20 real time plug-ins, a number of virtual instruments and over 2 GB of drum loops and samples including: Steinberg - Cubase LE 4, BFD Lite; Wave Arts – TrackPlug LE, MasterVerb LE, Discrete Drums and more!

Got Fades? Control Them with FaderPort!

PreSonus introduces the revolutionary new FaderPort controller. This desktop USB/MIDI controller for computer recording allows you to write single-channel and group-channel fader automation along with complete transport control.

The FaderPort is loaded with a high-quality motorized long-throw fader to give you the feel needed for recording perfect fades and writing automation. A footswitch jack is also included on the FaderPort for hands-free punch in/out during recording. The FaderPort works with any Mac or Windows based recording software including Pro Tools, Cubase, Nuendo, SONAR 6, and Logic.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Manufacturer PreSonus
Package Contents FireStudio Project
  • (1) FireStudio Project Recording Interfaceorder
  • (1) 6' 6-pin to 6-pin FireWire Cable
  • (1) 6' Standard IEC Power Cable
  • (1) Software Installation Disc' s:
  • PreSonus FireStudio Project Installation Drivers
  • PCubase LE 3
  • Cubase LE Demystified DVD
  • ProPak Software Suite
  • (1) FaderPort
  • (1) 6' USB Cable
  • (1) FaderPort Software Disc
  • (1) DC Power Supply
  • (5) 20' XLR (Male to Female) cables
  • Features

    The FireStudio Project features two mic/instrument inputs each with balanced insert-effects send/return, plus six mic/line inputs, all with XMAX™ Class A solid- state preamps, plus S/PDIF and MIDI I/O. Its digital technology includes 24- bit, 96 kHz converters and PreSonus’ JetPLL™ jitter-elimination technology. And it’s bundled with PreSonus Studio One® Artist DAW software for Mac® and Windows®!

    FireStudio Project Features:
    • Improved analog to digital converters (114dB dynamic range)
    • Improved syncronization with JetPLL (jitter elimination technology)
    • FireControl Mixer/Router to send up to five separate zero-latency stereo mixes to musicians during recording
    • Three-segment LED input metering on all analog channels
    • Internal IEC-based power supply
    • ProPak v3 software suite with Cubase LE 4, BFD Lite, Wave Arts Plug-ins, Cubase LE 4 Demysitified Tutorial DVD video and more.
    Warranty Warranty Information
    Product: Period:
    PreSonus Firestudio Project 1 Year
    PreSonus FaderPort 1 Year


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