AKG C214 Condenser Microphone


My buddy Steve and I were talking one time, and we decided that a superhero named "Mike Rophone" was a super great idea. But then we realized that giving a guy microphone powers wouldn't make a lot of sense, and we realized the idea was stupid and lame.

But you know what isn't stupid and lame? This here AKG C214 Condenser Microphone. Putting their decades of microphone production skills to work, AKG has managed to create a truly impressive microphone at a price that won't put you in the poor house. Buying a AKG C214 Condenser Microphone is definitely a better idea than wasting an afternoon trying to come up with a costume for a superhero called Mike Rophone. Seriously Steve, what a lame idea.

The C214 large-diaphragm condenser microphone has been designed as a cost-effective alternative to the high-end C414 family. Like the C414, the C214 offers a supreme one-inch capsule on an integrated suspension to reduce mechanical noise. A switchable 20dB attenuation pad allows recording of loud sources of up to 156dB SPL. A switchable bass-cut filter allows close-up recording with almost no proximity effect.

The C214 captures sound by combining one capsule of the legendary C414 dual-capsule system and the patented AKG Back-Plate Technology, resulting in an outstanding performance close to the famous C414 XLII.

AKG C214 Microphone Features:
  • Sonic character of the C414 XLII for beautifully detailed recording of lead vocals and solo instruments
  • Outstanding Dynamic Range and ultralow noise for close-up recording of high-output sources of up to 156dB SPL
  • Roadworthy Design
  • Integrated Suspension to reduce mechanical Noise
  • Switchable 20 dB Attenuation Pad and Low Cut Switch
  • Switchable 20dB attenuator and bass-cut filter for close-up recording and reduction of proximity effect
  • Integrated suspension to reduce mechanical noise and vibration from stage
  • Roadworthy design all-metal die-cast body with shock- and scratch-resistant finish

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