AKG C314 Professional Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone


When you think "respected families in music," there are plenty that come to mind: The Jackson 5, Sly and the Family Stone, the family of the first guy who realized how hilarious it was to make music using armpit farts.
But in the world of musical gear, it's hard to top AKG. Since 1947, AKG has been cranking out quality musical equipment for the masses. Now, the family gets a little bigger with the truly awesome AKG C314 Professional Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone.
Whether you’re recording in a large concert hall or a one-room studio, you want to capture the emotion and moment, not just the sound. With a full frequency range of 20Hz – 20kHz and the lowest self-noise in its class, the C314 brings out the best in every nuance. Built on the rich heritage of the C414 XLS capsule, its dual computer-matched diaphragms guarantee the highest polar pattern accuracy, while the integrated suspension dramatically reduces noise for pure, faithful recordings.

The versatile C314 is the multi-instrumentalist in your microphone rig, ready to fill in wherever needed. Whether it’s cardioid, supercardioid, omni or figure-8 polar patters, there are plenty of ways to get the most natural sound from any instrument—electric and acoustic guitars, drums, and much more. Employ a supercardioid pattern to reduce drum spill, then quickly switch to a figure-8 pattern to balance out two vocalists. These easy-to-access options make the AKG C314 a great addition to any studio with limited space.

The C314 is a workhouse, and a beautiful one at that. Its elegant façade features a transparent double-mesh all-metal grille, which protects the magic inside and ensures an exceptionally high level of RF immunity. Combine that with a rugged, scratch-resistant body and you have a studio microphone that’s ready for the road.