AKG C314 Stereo Set Condenser Microphones


You remember that movie "Twins" with Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger? See, it was funny because they were twins, but they had very different body types, as one was very big and one was very small! Ha ha! Comedy gold!
Much like the cinematic triumph that is "Twins," the AKG C314 Stereo Set is a prime example on the power of twins. With two powerful AKG C314 microphones, you get the best condenser microphones on the market, times two!

The AKG C314 professional multi-pattern condenser microphone belongs to one of the industry’s most widely used studio and stage microphone families, designed for enthusiasts and professionals alike. It has advanced features that help artists fine-tune their signature sound, such as four selectable polar patterns, a high class, self-noise level and an overload detection LED. Using the same one-inch dual diaphragm capsule as the C414 XLS, musicians, engineers and producers can have the confidence that their audience will experience every subtle nuance as it was intended.

Realistic stereo recordings require microphones with outstanding performance and excellent quality. It also requires performance consistency and accurate localization from the pair of microphones. Therefore, every factory-matched pair of C314s is created from thousands of individual microphones selected by AKG‘s sophisticated computer-aided matching method. The result is the highest possible correlation over the whole frequency range and virtually identical sensitivity for stunning, three-dimensional recordings.

AKG C314 Matched Pair Stereo Set Features:
    • Four Selectable Polar Patterns, perfect for every application: vocals, guitars, overheads, piano, and more
    • Lowest Self Noise for the highest resolution in high-dynamic applications, such as miking classic instruments
    • Overload Detection LED indicates overly high sound pressure levels—know exactly when to use the pad
    • Computer-Matched Diaphragms guarantee the highest polar pattern accuracy
    • Integrated Capsule Suspension to reduce mechanical noise and resonances
    • 20 dB Attenuation Pad and Bass-Cut Filter for close-up recording and reducing the proximity effect

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